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Das interkulturelle Morgenmagazin mit Angeline Fischer

Start your morning with a special blend of English Breakfast found only at Radio Fips: an intercultural radio program featuring the internationally minded and culturally curious in Göppingen and the region. We profile and interview guests interested in local communities, bringing experiences from around the world.

This program is hosted in English with a unique mix of German flavours.

Der perfekte Start in den Tag mit dem Aroma von English Breakfast auf Radio Fips: eine Sendung für interkulturell und international interessierte Hörer in Göppingen und Umgebung. Wir stellen Gäste vor, die an lokalen Geschehnissen interessiert sind und Erfahrungen und Einflüsse aus aller Welt einbringen.

Das Programm ist moderiert in Englisch, bietet aber auch einige deutsche "Geschmacksnoten".


Neue Sendung immer am Mittwoch 10-11 Uhr, Wiederholung Samstag 11-12 Uhr.

On our current program:

MC Manar guest in studio

MC Manar young rap artist, recalls his remarkable journey to music and the inspiration behind his songs. Of Palestinian-Syrian decent, we touch on the emotional moment of reuniting with his family. Collaboration in the Peace for Syria project as well as his discovery and role in the film "On the Bride's side" are all topics in our conversation. Manar continues to develop his craft and plans to participate in the "Voice Kids Lebanon" talent contest. Manar also speaks of the recent imprisonment by the Turkish government of his friend Gabriele Del Grande, film maker and journalist. After 14 days in jail, we are all happy of his release. Guest reporter Fatima joins in to help guide us though the program.

More Info: Gabriele Del Grande

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