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Start your morning with a special blend of English Breakfast found only at radiofips: an intercultural radio program featuring the internationally-minded and culturally curious in Göppingen and the region. We profile and interview guests interested in local communities, bringing experiences from around the world. This program is hosted in English with a unique mix of German flavours.

Der perfekte Start in den Tag mit dem Aroma von English Breakfat auf radiofips: eine Sendung für interkulturell und international interessierte Hörer in Göppingen und Umgebung. Wir stellen Gäste vor, die an lokalen Geschehnissen interessiert sind und Erfahrungen aus aller Welt einbringen. Das Programm ist moderiert in Englisch bietet aber auch einige deutsche “Geschmacksnoten”

As member of Stadtverband Kultur Göppingen we take the pledge from the "die Vielen"

Take care and best wishes. Angeline ♥


Göppingen feiert seinen ersten Interkulturellen Kreativ- und Kunstmarkt

Göppingen lädt herzlich zum ersten Interkulturellen Kreativ- und Kunstmarkt ein! Am 13. Juli wird der Kornhausplatz von 11:00 bis 19:00 Uhr in ein buntes Markttreiben voller kultureller Vielfalt und Kreativität verwandelt.

Es erwartet die Besucher ein breites Angebot an Kunsthandwerk aus aller Welt, präsentiert von lokalen Gruppen: Textilien, Schmuck, Kalligrafie, Ölmalerei, Upcycling-Kreationen und vieles mehr. Der Markt bietet auch die Möglichkeit, traditionelle Kleidung anzuprobieren und Kalligrafie auszuprobieren.

Ein besonderes Highlight ist das vielfältige Rahmenprogramm:

  • 11:00 Uhr: Ukrainische Musik mit Maria Andriushchenko an der Bandura
  • 17:00 Uhr: Kinderbuchlesung mit Bshare Khato

Zudem veranstaltet die Stadtbibliothek einen Bücherflohmarkt, und für das leibliche Wohl sorgen umliegende Gastronomiebetriebe mit Cocktails und Snacks.

Der Interkulturelle Kreativ- und Kunstmarkt ist eine Kooperation des Referats Kultur und Märkte, der Stadtbibliothek sowie verschiedener Kulturvereine und -gruppen. Das komplette Programm der Interkulturellen Wochen ist auf der städtischen Website verfügbar und wird an den üblichen Orten sowie im ipunkt ausgelegt.


School without Racism, School with Courage

Friso Fischer, Speaker of the Youth Council of Göppingen and Freihof, guides us through the program as he recalls an event where 3000 students participated, initiated by Kersten Stüven during the international weeks against racism. Under the umbrella motto „celebrate diversity,“ seven schools took part: Kaufmännische Schule Göppingen, Freihof-Gymnasium, Hohenstaufen-Gymnasium, Mörike-Gymnasium, POLIGENIUS Private Schule, Walther-Hensel-Schule, and Pestalozzischule. The Mayor, Alex Maier, gave an encouraging speech, and several actions, as well as music and dance, were all part of the successful event. #diversity #schuleohnerassismums #göppingenstadtdervielfalt 🌈🎉


Nature Freunde for Climate Justice

Mamadou Mbodji, VP of Nature Friends International, discusses climate justice, highlighting successful mangrove reforestation efforts in Senegal. The global North must address their responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions, while efforts in the South need support for mitigation. Global sustainability requires partnerships and personal responsibility. African countries face severe consequences like food scarcity and ecological disruptions despite minimal emissions. 🌍🌿🌱#climatejystice #naturfreunde #naturfreundejugend #naturfreundebw @naturfreunde_goeppingen

NaturFreunde Göppingen Webpage here

Spots for youth

Linda Rebmann-Musacchio & two inspiring students, David & Maxi, from WHG Werner-Heisenberg Gymnasium High School tell us about the project „spots“  Supported by the German Film Academy this project aims to reach youth, emphasizing the power of arts & culture in promoting democracy.
🤝 Collaboration: Teachers, film producers, Kunsthalle Göppingen, Staufer Kino & radiofips with English Breakfast
🎬 Students explored discrimination in films & got hands-on with microphones & tablets to create their own films on racism & democracy.
🎞️Films showcased in theaters under the motto: “Kinofest für Vielfalt und Demokratie. Kurzfilme schauen. Miteinander reden. Gemeinsam feiern.”
👏 Students engaged with director Julian Vogel, discussing “Die Einzeltäter,” shedding light on victims’ families of right-wing terrorist attacks.
🌍 Let’s keep championing diversity & democracy! #FilmEducation #CulturalEngagement #YouthEmpowerment 🎬🌟

Spots Webpage here
Spots Kurzfilme here



Support the Reader’s Irish Pub  

🍀📚🎤 Samuel Kengeter and Nina Goldmann are my guests this week on English Breakfast. They discuss the formation of a cultural club and crowdfunding campaign to revive the local Irish Pub, now known as the Reader’s Irish Pub (Irisher Kulturverein Göppingen e.V.). @irish_pub_gp

The new concept is driven by the passion of old and new fans alike. Run by volunteers, this association is fueled by community spirit and dedication to preserving and celebrating Irish culture.
It’s not too late to support! Individual contributions make all the difference, through cash donations, vouchers, or even getting a plaque on the wall for a contribution of 500€.

Some of the exciting events planned include:
🎻 Open Irish Music Evenings
💃 Irish Set Dance (Folk Dance)
🎼 Dance and Music Workshops
🧠 Irish Pub Quiz
🎤 Karaoke with Irish Songs
📖 Lectures/Readings
🎉 Participation in local cultural events
🍳 Irish Breakfast
Support the today! 🍀 #SupportIrishPub #CommunitySpirit #IrishCulture

Webpage here

Bshare Khato  

Bshare Khato, Jesidish from Iraq discusses his books and performances as well as journalistic work representing the community in the Kurmanji languag, poetry and teaching. 🦚

In Germany he has begun his studies to be an Erzieher (apprenticeship for kindergarten teacher) and founded a migrant community theater group.

#culturallyinterested #awarenessseakers #culturallycurious #realtalk #deeptalk #livedexperiences #blendedlearning #gettherealstory #radiofips #jeziden #eziden

Bshare on Instagram here


Piano meets Mbira  

Zimbabwean artist Hope Masike and German pianist Andreas Kern unite in a unique intercultural project, supported by the German Embassy in Zimbabwe. They blend the classical piano with the traditional Mbira, a UNESCO-recognized instrument with a 1300-year history. Together, they create a mesmerizing fusion of cultures and melodies. 🌍🎶🎹🪕 #MusicCollaboration #Mbira #Piano

Piano meets Mbira on Instagram here


Vivas and Musical Plants  

The project VIVAS! brings together composer Cassis B Staudt and sustainability development educator Linda Rebmann-Musacchio to create a cross-cultural performance centered around plants. 🌿🌿🌿 Targeted at young people from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Göppingen, Germany, aged 15 to 25, the project aims to connect youth with nature and promote sustainability through experiential learning. ⚡🎶 Using biophysical sonification, participants will compose music from plants, translating it into a dance or movement performance, allowing them to directly experience nature and develop an appreciation for biodiversity and sustainable living.
Information regarding the upcoming workshop can be found on Instagram @vivas.act
Das interkulturelle Morgenmagazin mit Angeline Fischer mittwochs von 10:00 bis 11:00 Uhr und samstag

Epiz Viva Projekt Website here

Sompon Services Empowering African Dispora 

Vera Sompon, founder of Sompon Socialservices Baden-Württemberg e.V. and lecturer at the University of Esslingen, arrived in Germany almost 20 years ago. Her personal encounters with racism fueled her passion to help others.

Now involved in various associations and as a freelance speaker, she empowers the African diaspora through education and community-building. Vera also provides anti-racism trainings and consultations to organizations and government entities.

Sompon Services  BW Website here


Chapel reloaded with Unicom Art Mob 

After several years of renovation, the Chapel opened it doors to the public  thanks to a group of cultural activists FKK (Factory of Art and Culture) and their supporters. This group aims to promote the arts and to create a space for creativity. The reopening was celbrated with an art mob by UNICOM.


Fabrik für Kunst und Kultur – Chapel/Krypta Website here


Thai-German high school exchange 


Thai and German high school students visit the radiofips studios and talk about their experiences and expectations of going abroad as well as cultural differences under this year’s umbrella theme exploring stereotypes. Accompanied by Frau Sonnentag, Thai students from Princess Chulabhorn Science High School in Phitsanulok and German students from Freihof Gymnasium in Göppingen talk about their experiences and expectations regarding the exchange.

After several years of halting travel due to Covid, all are exited to resume this initiative in 2023 which began in 2011 and resulted in 2013, 2015 and 2018 trips.

Background: Initiated through a personal acquaintance between a Thai and German teacher, contact was made with Chulabhorn Science High School in Phitsanulok, a city about 380 km north of Bangkok. The school is a boarding school with a focus on science.

English is the language of communication between the German and Thai students.

Blog here


Hasina Azizi , Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

Refuge, activism and migration are themes that we touch on in our talk. 📣
Hasina is a known activist, working for several NGOs including the United Nations and the Women’s corp peace of Afghanistan. 📖Education has been important in her family. Being one of very few women from her village Nimrus she received a scholarship allowing her to study abroad in India to gain an international degree. Once she began her career she helped to support her family and simultaneously founded a vocational training facilty for women specialized in weaving. 🧶🧵This start up provided job opportunities to women in need (Baluchi handmade products).
A tale of resistance, she recalls the harrowing escape from Afghanistan once the Taliban regained power. Eventually escaping to a humanitarian city camp in Abudabi. Initially, told she would only be there for two weeks, she finally could migrate to Germany six months later.
Hasina continues to advocate for women who are no longer permitted to attend school after the age of 6, are no longer permitted to work and have been dashed from almost all forms of public life.

Women of Afghanistan – Amensty International Petition  here

#Culture #womensrights

3rd World Women’s Conference in Tunisia 

In this edition Bercin Üstün, European representative from Bethnahrain Frauen Union for Women and Renate Mutschler, speaker of the women’s council of Göppingen and long time member of Frauenverband Courage join us.

Both were part of the Göppingen delegation and recount their impressions of the 3rd World Women’s Conference in Tunisia, where women from 42 different countries attended.

“We are women, we are strong” is the motto of this year’s women’s conference.

International solidarity, environment and climate change as well as systemic and structural friction are all part of our discussion.

Above this the local action days include: 8th March – International women’s day, 11th November – Day for the elimination of violence against women, Various demos for the people of Iran

WWC Website  here

#Culture #womensrights


Grüße ins Jahr 2023! 

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde der Kultur,

Das alte Jahr geht zu Ende und ein neues beginnt, ich möchte euch von ganzem Herzen für die Zusammenarbeit und die gemeinsame Zeit bedanken. Mit Schwung, Geist und Freude und vor allem mit menschlicher Liebe wünsche ich euch viel Erfolg im neuen Jahr. Ganz herzlichen Dank für euren Beitrag im Kleinen und Großen als wertvolles Mitglied unserer interkulturellen Gemeinschaft, von der ich gerne ein Teil bin.

Ich freue mich darauf, euch bald im neuen Jahr wiederzusehen.

Dear friends of culture,

The old year ends and a new one begins, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the cooperation and time spent together. With verve, spirit and joy and above all with human compassion, I wish you much success in the new year. Thank you very much for your contribution in ways small and large as a valuable member of our intercultural community, of which I am glad to be a part.

I look forward to our further connections in the new year.

Famoe, Rap & Hip-Hop Artist 

Fabiano Monsanto, better known as rapper Famoe talks about his pathway towards rap and hip-hop. Beginning as a love of hip-hop dancing, Famoe soon entered the world of talent contests, bringing him to explore the genre and culture further; eventually releasing several English rap albums unter US and UK labels.

Famoe has reenterred the stage taking on new colloaborative projects, after a pause due to artistic disagreements with management. Since then, Famoe began his own lable Rap & Rymes Record. Passion and authenticity are core values which he brings to his all of his work, resulting unique colloaborations: including soundtracks for film and graphic novels. We discuss his Italian background growing up in southern Germany as well as touring and musical scene abroad.

Famoe Website  here


10. Kultur-Nacht is finally here! 

Am 25. Juni 2022 findet endlich wieder eine Göppinger Kultur-Nacht statt. Viele Kulturfreunde unter Ihnen warten daher sicherlich sehnsüchtig darauf, die kulturelle Vielfalt unserer Stadt wieder in einem kompakten, eine Nacht dauernden Format erleben zu können. Auch aus diesem Grund freuen wir uns sehr, gemeinsam eine besondere, nämlich die 10. Göppinger Kultur-Nacht feiern zu können.

Hier können Sie was erleben! Wann sonst bietet sich je die Gelegenheit, in einer langen Nacht eine solche Vielfalt an Musik, Ausstellungen, Aktionskunst und mehr zu entdecken. Busse bringen die Kultur-Nacht-Schwärmerinnen und -Schwärmer von einem Ort zum andern – in diesem Jahr zu mehr Stationen als je zuvor: 32 an der Zahl! Die vielen Akteure haben sich extra für diese Nacht Programme ausgedacht, die sowohl erfahrenen Besucher*innen als auch neuen, neugierigen Unternehmungslustigen Spaß machen dürften.

Neben den gewohnten Eintrittsbändern, die an allen Stationen und im ipunkt im Rathaus erhältlich sind, kann man in diesem Jahr bereits im Online-Vorverkauf Tickets für die Göppinger Kultur-Nacht kaufen. So können Sie die Nacht der Nächte ganz entspannt auf sich zukommen lassen!

Wir wünschen Ihnen jede Menge Spaß und Inspiration bei der 10. Göppinger Kultur-Nacht!

Weitere Einzelheiten zu den Buslinien und allen 32 Stationen finden Sie unter dem folgenden Link: kultur-nacht.de

Link to event information  here


Leo Theo, costume designer textile art

Leonidas Theodoridis, known under the lable Leo Theo is our guest on the latest program of English Breakfast. He came by to discuss his journey to creating singular pieces as well as his approach.

A wide variety from classical and historical costume designs for theater to avant guarde garments and assessories.

His collections have themes including greek mythology or the more recent collection created and modelled for during lockdown entitled Voodoo.

Leonidas Theodoridis resides in Göppingen and was raised in a middle-class Greek family who were first and second-generation immigrants in Germany. As a teenager, he developed a passion for drawing, often spending hours on sketching, for which he received several prizes, awards.

His peices have also displayed in the cultural center of Ofloannian, Greece

Want to catch a glimpse: In the evening of 25.05.2022 Leo Theo will be presenting at the Kultur-Nacht Göppingen in the historical city church (Stadtkirche).

Teo Leo Website  here



Alex Maier, Wegekompass 2035 Göppingen

Alex Maier, Göppingen mayor explains the Wege Kompass: a pathway forward involving citizen participation in working towards the global sustainability goals on the local level. (Bürgerbeteiligung)

Since our last meeting, we talk about how the Covid-Pandemic effected his initial policy plans. Immunisation busses and installing testing stations were some of the first crisis management policies.

The Wege Kompass invloves working on common goals in four areas: Municipal framework conditions, Ecology and environment, Economy and employment, Social – affordable housing / interculture.

Digitalisation and interculture and open debating culture are also topics adressed in our chat.

Alex stated that as „Stadt der Vielfalt“ – art, music, culture and enjoying different perspecitves is a chance to broaden our own horizon.

Stadt Land Bund Podcast here



Martina Ürek, children’s book author

Martina Ürek, introduces her latest book „An was glaubst Du? (What do you believe?). She muses about her love of books as to how as a child spending hours in the library inspired her to later working in a bookstore and study journalism. Among other stations, she freelanced as a journalist for the local NWZ paper. Belief and culture are also themes in our conversation. Her Aramaic roots and ties to the Syrian-Orthodox Church from Antiochien has played a role in her appreciation of diversity at the same time focusing on the similarities which bring us together.  Discussed books: An was glaubst Du? Fridolin will singen lernen.

Martina Ürek FB here


Yeama, singer songwriter, EP release: Real Identity

Listeners are in for a treat! After seeing Yeama perform live on the Summer Stage hosted by Forum der Kulturen in Stuttgart, I couldn’t hpe but ask her to join me at the radiofips studios for a chat. Good timing in that she used the lock down period to dedicate hershelf towards her passion project resulting in a solo EP.  Neo-soul, pop with jazz influence, we listen to some of the music which has inspired her but inquire into her artistic process and the meaning behind her songs. In summary: a voice which needs to be heard.

Yeama  Music here


Season’s Greetings 

As the year comes to an end it is time to pause and reflect. Thank you for joining us each week to discover and hear about my inspiring, unique and thoughtful guests. Mery Christams Happy Hanukka, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel.




Father Angelo Ungebu, Freunde für Nigeria- Enyioma

For this year’s Christmas show, we greet Pastor Angelo Ungebu, a Catholic Priest practicing at Christkönig Church Göppingen. Angelo talks of traditions, history, food, and way of life in Nigeria and touches on his German and Belgium experiences. Inspired to save lives and encouraged by parish members, he founded a health center project with Freunde für Nigeria – Enyioma in 2013. Still, in the beginning stages, they hope to provide sustainable long-term solutions and be a model for other projects in similar areas. If you would like to become a donor or gift a membership, please look to our guest links below.

Freunde für Nigeria – Enyioma  here

Estledaire, South African Singer Songwriter

Tanya Mátéfi, South African singer-songwriter introduces her debut CD under the name of Estledaire entitled „Under My Hat“. In collaboration with Axel Nagel and Armin Otto, she decided to follow her passion for music. Inspired by the landscapes of South Africa, childhood memories, and her Christian beliefs, „Under my hat“ is the result of deep friendships through music. A mix of Scottish, Celtic, and folk sounds. Andy Kremmer partnered as a sound mixer. Most recently, she performed during the Africa Fest at the Chapel Fabrik für Kunst und Kultur.

Estledaire hereKunst findet Stadt – Art Action with Duo Sourati
„Kunst findet Stadt“ is the art action event organized by the Kunsthalle Göppingen. Guest moderator Jana offers insights of the creation process of this 5 day event as she speaks with curator Eva Paulitsch. The artist duo Sourati also offers background into their approach and impressions on location. Jana also also speaks to visitors of the event.
Kunsthalle here

AMICA – Human Rigths are Women’s Rights
Dr. Gabriele Michel, president of human rights orgization discusses the role of women as the agents of change and peacemaking. This Freiburg based group has activitites in Bosnia-Herzegowina, Kosovo, Palistine, Chechechnia, Libia and Lebanon, offering medical and psychological support, as well as education; helping women rebuild themselves and these societies.
Aimca here

Interkulturelle Wochen, We hear from a variety of event organizers about what to expect in this extensive event series which runs from 23. September until 10. October. Valuing diversity, cultural exchange, and creating new experiences – everything from film, art exhibitions, podium discussion, and culinary delights. Here there is something for everyone. ⁣Please note that hygiene and safety measures (such as 3G and data collection) are put in place.

This tradition celebrates its 26 year anniversary. We are so thrilled! The whole program you can find on the Göppingen city page. lnterkulturelle Wochen here

Jahja Gashi, Chair of the Albanian Cultural Club „Mutter Teresa“ joins us as our latest guest in celebration of their 30 year anniversary. Valuing cultural exchange and experiences he also believes in modern and practical solutions.⁣

Educational, artistic, and cultural events and activities are discussed and Jahja tells us some of the Albanian club’s plans also with dance⁣.
A big theme in our talk is the connection to other cultural clubs and countries. For instance, networking with the diaspora in Baden Wurtenburg and humanitarian work abroad.⁣ One of Jahja Gashi‘s big passion projects which came up in our discussion is providing legal aid and advocacy for women in Albania regarding property and inheritance rights. ⁣⁣Using the established German legal system as a basis, collaborations continue in establishing better gender equality.⁣⁣Also, youth and cultural exchange are important. Jahja hopes to create a student exchange with the local high school between Göppingen and Kosovo.⁣
Celebrations of the 30 year anniversary will take place on September 4 at the Göppingen Stadthalle. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished and what is yet to come.⁣⁣ Wishing you much success in the future!⁣ Albanian Kulturverein Mutter Teresa here


Susanne Horzinek, a unique individual marking her own path. Originally from the country previously known as Yugoslavia, she came to Germany as a young girl to be reunited with her father who had come to Germany as a so-called „guest worker“. Admiring her father’s craftmanship as a glassblower, she at a young age was drawn to hairdressing by seeing the transformation of customers‘ mood and appearance at a local hair salon. Already at 10 years of age, she had made the decision. Among other stations, she went to London to continue studying new methods, trends, and technologies at Vidal Sasson academy. Sustainability, nature and animal rights brought her to create „Fair Hair“ which uses healthy alternatives to regular dyes. She also became a member of Coiffeur Justes, which recycles hair to restore ocean and other waters from pollution from toxins such as oil spills. Fair Hair here



Claudia & Hans Stöckle reflect on the beauty of Nepal and its people in this latest episode. Working with Doctors without Borders, Hans first went to Nepal was over 10 years ago. Now the couple has been back seven times. Wonderous mountains and welcoming people are how they describe this special place. A pediatrician and child neurologist, Hans mentored medical personal with the vision of empowering local medical staff. Claudia visited to travel and also offers her physiotherapy knowledge in training and assisting locals. Nepal Hilfe Funding Drive. Nepal, already a low-resource country with poor infrastructure, continues to suffer severely due to the COVID pandemic. Many inhabitants living hand to mouth. Families have been hit hard due to heavy restrictions and most of their income being tied to tourism. There connection to the country and hearing of the situation Claudia and Hans have been able to help many families during the first wave through local Trekking Guide Temba, providing them with cooking equipment and foods such as rice and lentils. Now things have become even more challenging due to the recent landslide Claudia and Hans have begun a funding drive Nepal Hilfe. Temba continues to provide local aid to families delivering food and supplies. For more information about donating or recent activities contact hans.stoeckle@gmail.com




Nour Darwisch shares his passion for music and introduced us to his traditional instrument the Oud. In our talk, Nour recalls some of his musical highlights to date and his message of understanding between cultures. In a quick time in his newfound country, he has experienced several collaborations blending European and oriental styles.  The Oud is considered the grandfather of many other string instruments such as guitar and saz.

Lady Glass Tea Louise Glas otherwise know as Lady Glass tea spreads the inspiration of her love o tea. Philippine-born, now living in Germany, she craved the still moments and wisdom of good tea. At a loss for the quality of tea, she knew in her early life, Louise decided to get licensed and now sources her own tea blends. The art of tea as well as her romantic associations with the different types of tea PersonalitTEAs are discussed as well as her online tea parties. For more information about her tea parties or tea, assortment visit her shop The Lady Glass here


Rukiye Cankiran Author and journalist Rukiye Cankiran presents her new book entitled „Das geraubte Glück“ (stolen happiness). This non-fiction work explores topics such as child and forced marriage in the overall context of violence against women. What is unique about her research is a deep look into families dynamics, social and societal expectations, and their intersections. Her fieldwork (over 20 years working in social work and over 10 years in immigrant and women’s issues) are the foundations shedding light on the complexity of these issues. Rukiye’s visit was organized in cooperation with the Migrantinnen Verein (a women’s organization whose aim is to support the empowerment of Turkish-speaking women).

For more information about Rukiye’s activities visit her page Rukiye Cankiran here








Celebrating UNESCO World Radio Day 2021 | Journée mondiale de la Radio | Día Mundial de la Radio | Всемирный День Радио | 世界广播日 | اليوم العالمي للإذاعة
Join us as we celebrate 10th anniversary of World Radio Day. Solution and I chat about this year’s theme “ New World. New Radio.“ For over 110 years today radio is an integral part of our world as it continues to evolve, and connect.

International and world music and some reflection on how our programming has changed over the years in showing a diversity of perspectives are all in the mix. Want to participate? Join our poll on what radio means to you on our community social media pages.


The End Game Band Our guests this week are Andy Yarahmadi (arrangements), Shahram Ghaerdi (vocals), and Jochen Steinert (bass) of The End Game Band, who visited the radiofips Studio. ⁣A combination of Persian pop, rock, and blues, this young group has already produced several songs. Not only a multicultural band with members having American, Persian, German, and Romanian backgrounds but also across borders in that Iranian lyricist Eyas Mahmoodinia collaborated from abroad.
In picture: Joachim Steinert, Shahram Ghaedi. Andy Yarahmadi
Other members: Mani Ghiasi, Shobeir Sheida, Marius Baniceru, Mehrdad Nekouei, Elyas Mahmoodinia


Haknalka Péter from LAKVAR  Our guest this week is Hajnalka Péter, cofounder and singer of LAKVAR, who visited the radiofips studio. Taking us on her musical journey. Breaking away from cliches, she discusses her need for collaboration and a new era of music that builds on impressions and the sharing of responsibility for one another.

We discuss her musical beginnings and the influence of her Hungarian-Bulgarian background.
Collaboration and interaction seem essential to this artist’s raison d’etre, which is also apparent in her recollection of her earlier visit to Aleppo and the deep impression the people left with her.

With a strong respect for traditional elements and music, she is fearless in her art … breaking away and expressing powerful rawness at one moment, and a childlike tenderness at the next.
The latest release “Sabotage and Tradition” with LAKVAR she cofounded with Georgian composer and guitarist Zura Dzagnidze. Other diverse members include Hungarian jazz bass player Péter Papesch, Bulgarian Türkisch percussionist Tayfun Ates, German jazz violin player Florian Vogel and Italian drummer Santino Scavelli.
LAKVAR has already received many accolades, and rightfully so, including place 5 on the Balkan charts and nomination for the Deutsche Schallplatten Kritik. More about LAKVAR here

Of course, we also talk about her other projects including Evas Äpfel Ensemble with traditional music created by women. More here

Also, the collaborative Women of Music WOM where women share knowledge and network. Also how WOM is now extending its borders to collaborate with talent in countries such as Hungary. More here


An international Christmas special with sustainability tips for the New Year!

No doubt that this has been a trying year, as we readjust to a new reality. Never has it been so clear that our world is connected. We take a moment to review and rejoice in all that is good and celebrate the holiday season. With international holiday sounds and tips on being more sustainable in the new year,

Let’s continue to take care of one another. Wishing you peace and happiness for the New Year.


The sustainability Advents Challenge is here! 2020 has been a year full of challenges due to the COVID virus and its subsequent health and safety measures.


Even in our current isolation, never has it been so clear that our world is connected. Our daily actions impact our local communities, but also touch others worldwide and and influence the next generation. Agenda 2030 works on many of the bigger themes affecting our world. Our local Göppingen group has put together a sustainability challenge for the advent season. Feel free to join in!

Once it is all over, I will be telling you all about my experience (the good and the bad) in taking this sustainability challenge. In the meantime, you can look up my day to day experiences on Instagram under angelines_place


Im Gespräch mit Alexander Maier beim English Breakfast



Wie viele von euch bereits wissen sind die Interkulturellen Wochen jetzt um. Doch das Thema Interkultur bleibt stetig aktuell. Alexander Maier, einer der diesjährigen Oberbürgermeister Kandidaten, kam deshalb zum Englisch Breakfast ins Studio 1 und wir haben zusammen über das Thema Interkultur gesprochen.⁣


English Breakfast crew