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Das inter-kulturelle Morgen-magazin


Lady Glass Tea Louise Glas otherwise know as Lady Glass tea spreads her inspiration of her love o tea. Philippine born, now living in Germany, she craved the still moments and wisdom of good tea. At a loss for quality of tea she new in her early life, Louise decided to get licenced and now sources her own tea blends. The art of tea as well as her romantic associations with the different tpe of tea PersonalitTEAs are discussed as well as her online tea parties. ☕ ♥

For more infomation about her tea parties or tea sortiment visit her shop The Lady Glass here



Rukiye Cankiran Author and journalist Rukiye Cankiran presents her new book entitled „Das geraubte Glück“ (stolen happiness). This non fiction work explores topics such as child and forced marriage in the overall context of violence against women. What is unique about her reseach is a deep look into families dynamics, social and societal expectations and their intersections. Her field work (over 20 years working in social work and over 10 years in immigrant and women’s issues) are the foundations shedding light  into the complexity of these issues. Rukiye’s visit was organized in cooperation with the Migrantinnen Verein (a women’s organization whose aim is to support the empowerment for Turkish speaking women).

For more infomation about Rukiye's activities visit her page Rukiye Cankiran here












Celebrating UNESCO World Radio Day 2021 | Journée mondiale de la Radio | Día Mundial de la Radio | Всемирный День Радио | 世界广播日 | اليوم العالمي للإذاعة
Join us as we celebrate 10th anniversary of World Radio Day. Solution and I chat about this year's theme " New World. New Radio." Over 110 years today radio is an integral part of our world as it continues to evolve, and connect.

International and world music and some reflection on how our programming has changed over the years in showing a diversity of perspectives are all in the mix. Want to participate? Join our poll on what radio means to you on our community social media pages.



The End Game Band Our guests this week are Andy Yarahmadi (arrangements), Shahram Ghaerdi (vocals) and Jochen Steinert (bass) of The End Game Band, who visited the radiofips Studio. ⁣A combination of Persian pop, rock and blues, this young group have already produced several songs. Not only a multicultural band with members having American, Persian, German and Romanian backgrounds, but also a cross borders in that Iranian lyricist Eyas Mahmoodinia collaborated from abroad.

In picture: Joachim Steinert, Shahram Ghaedi. Andy Yarahmadi
Other members: Mani Ghiasi, Shobeir Sheida, Marius Baniceru, Mehrdad Nekouei, Elyas Mahmoodinia



Haknalka Péter from LAKVAR  Our guest this week is Hajnalka Péter, cofounder and singer of LAKVAR, who visited the radiofips studio. Taking us on her musical journey. Breaking away from cliches, she discusses her need for collaboration and a new era of music which builds on impressions and the sharing of responsibility for one another.

We discuss her musical beginnings and the influence of her Hungarian-Bulgarian background.
Collaboration and interaction seem essential to this artist’s raison d’etre, which is also apparent in her recollection of her earlier visit to Aleppo and the deep impression the people left with her.

A strong respect for traditional elements and music, she is fearless in her art ... breaking away and expressing powerful rawness at one moment, and a childlike tenderness at the next.
The lastest release “Sabatoge and Tradition” with LAKVAR she cofounded with Georgian composer and guitarist Zura Dzagnidze. Other diverse members include Hungarian jazz bass player Péter Papesch, Bulgarian Türkisch percussionist Tayfun Ates, German jazz violin player Florian Vogel and Italian drummer Santino Scavelli.
LAKVAR has already received many accolades, and rightfully so, including place 5 on the Balkan charts and nomination for the Deutsche Schallplatten Kritik. More about LAKVAR here

Of course we also talk about her other projects including Evas Äpfel Ensemble with traditional music created by women. More here

Also, the collaborative Women of Music WOM where women share knowledge and network. Also how WOM is now extending its borders to collaborate with talent in countries such as Hungary. More here


An international Christmas special with sustainability tips for the New Year!

No doubt that this has been a trying year, as we reajust to a new reality. Never has it been so clear that our world is connected. We take a moment review and rejoice in all that is good and celeberate the holiday season. With international holiday sounds and tips on being more sustainable in the new year,

Let's continue to take care of one another. Wishing you peace and happiness for the New Year.


The sustainability Advents Challenge is here! 2020 has been a year full of challeges due to the COVID virus and its subsequent health and safety measures.


Even in our current isolation, never has it been so clear that our world is connected. Our daily actions impact our local communities, but also touch others worldwide  and and influence the next generation. Agenda 2030 works on many of the bigger themes affecting our world. Our local Göppingen group has put together a sustainability challenge for the advent season. Feel free to join in!
Once it is all over, I will be telling you all about my experience (the good and the bad) in taking this sustainabilty challenge. In the meantime you can look up my day to day experiences on Instagram under angelines_place


Im Gespräch mit Alexander Maier beim English Breakfast

Wie viele von euch bereits wissen sind die Interkulturellen Wochen jetzt um. Doch das Thema Interkultur bleibt stetig aktuell. Alexander Maier, einer der diesjährigen Oberbürgermeister Kandidaten, kam deshalb zum Englisch Breakfast ins Studio 1 und wir haben zusammen über das Thema Interkultur gesprochen.⁣

Start your morning with a special blend of English Breakfast found only at radiofips: an intercultural radio program featuring the internationally minded and culturally curious in Göppingen and the region. We profile and interview guest interested in local communities, bringing experiences from around the world. This program is hosted in English with a unique mix of German flavours.

Der perfekte Start in den Tag mit dem Aroma von English Breakfat auf radiofips: eine Sendung für interkulturell und international interessierte Hörer in Göppingen und Umgebung. Wir stellen Gäste vor, die an lokalen Geschehnissen interessiert sind und Erfahrungen aus aller Welt einbringen. Das Programm ist moderiert in Englisch bietet aber auch einige deutsche “Geschmacksnoten”

As member of Stadtverband Kultur Göppingen we take the pledge from the „die Vielen

Take care and best wishes. Angeline ♥


English Breakfast crew

“Fostering communication and creating bridges” between people and cultures is what drives me in all of my actions. Specialization: culture, inter-culture, arts scene. Producer and radio host, on-location reporting, event organization and stage moderation.